TSA and Phase I Phase II SIte Cleanup Construction

Environmental Assessments, Investigations, or Audits measure the extent of the environmental hazard and its impacts on the property and human health & safety. Remedial actions (i.e., cleanup or remediation) will be conducted under the approval of the lead agency procedures, after environmental assessment and investigation, in the following manner:
Groundwater monitoring well at LA site
a. Confirm whether contaminants have been discharged into the soil at the property or not.

b. Submit investigation workplan to Regional Board to obtain approval.

c. Define extent of soil and/or groundwater contamination.

d. Corrective Action:
Determine whether soil and/or groundwater cleanup will be required.
If required, select the most appropriate soil and/or groundwater cleanup option.

e. Set up cleanup workplan using available information such as site assessment reports, investigation reports, regulations, lead-agency guidelines, potential/main sources, groundwater quality level, technical approach (i.e., Best Available Technology; BAT), and feasibility (i.e., cost associated with treatment methods).

f. Site closure report with verification monitoring data.

TSA and Phase I Phase II SIte Cleanup Construction


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